Steve Jobs in 1995: video interviews

The 40-year-old Jobs talks about Apple, Pixar, Silicon Valley impact

The folks over at Computerworld have posted an article that includes 16 different video clips of Steve Jobs from 1995, in which he discussed many topics in an interview with the Computerworld Information Technology Foundation as part of its Oral History project. In the wide-ranging interview, Jobs talks about his early days, thoughts on computers in education, the early days of Apple, what happened after he left (at the time, Jobs was head of NeXT Computer), and even the early days of Pixar (which he bought from Lucasfilm). It's really good stuff - I should know, I helped digitize the video tapes for Computerworld.

As part of a licensing agreement, we can't share the video clips, but you can head over to the CW site to watch the clips on your own:

Part 1: Introduction, some biographical information

Part 2: His early days of school, reaction to authority

Part 3: Thoughts on computers and education

Part 4: School vouchers; comparing schools to cars

Part 5: Books about Steve Jobs; 'Let's throw darts'

Part 6: Jobs' experience at Apple (the first time)

Part 7: Why artists were attracted to computing

Part 8: The decline of Apple (circa 1995)

Part 9: Apple's early adventures in politics

Part 10: How Macs infiltrated business; the birth of NeXT Computer

Part 11: NeXTSTEP and object-oriented computing

Part 12: Steve Jobs on the impact of the Internet

Part 13: Steve Jobs on Pixar

Part 14: Why life needs death (and startups)

Part 15: Advice for entrepreneurs

Part 16: Final thoughts; Impact of Silicon Valley

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