Steve Jobs hated, vowed to kill 'stolen product' Android

Credit: REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

As bits leaked from the impending Steve Jobs documentary by Walter Isaacsson flood the news cycle, the depth of Jobs' hatred of Android may get little play. Yet Jobs vowed to spend all of Apple's $40 billion in cash to kill the iPhone iOS competitor.

More, he threatened “thermonuclear war” if necessary to kill Android. This anger was directed at the company run by Eric Schmidt, who was on Apple's board of directors until August 2009. Could it be that Schmidt did something in private that aggravated the often volatile Jobs more than normal? Usually, only someone close to you can drive you that crazy.

Since we'll never know the real reason, let's move to the comments. As always with Jobs and iPhone in the headline, passions run hot. But not hot enough for thermonuclear war.

Clear theft

Android stole inertial scrolling. The app store. Multitouch user interface. Mobile Safari. The entire blueprint for Apples touch based interface design. They copied everything which MADE an iPhone an iPhone.

Millahtime on

Android has arguably stolen many such details from iOS. You can debate whether that should be legally actionable or not, but the ideas were copied, nonetheless.

Bud on

If you ask a normal person on the street who copied whom in the smartphone business, they'll say Android copied iPhone. And they'll be right. And that's why Jobs was mad.

ellyagg on

Clearly mistaken

Then why didn't he remove all Google services from iOS or launch lawsuits directly at Google? If he was so sure it was stolen, why didn't he launch lawsuits earlier? It makes no sense.

hoaxoner on

Heck, if you want to go postal about "stealing" have a look at the pull-down notification screen that's been on Android for a couple years, and then compare to what Apple just rolled out on iOS 5. You DO hate "stealing" right?

spark555 on

Playing the game

Is Steve the one who said "good artist copy and great artists steal". Either he only think that quote only applies to him, or something is not kosher with this story.

Eric Sarkiss on

I bet Xerox felt the same way about Jobs stealing their mouse and windowing system

Blake on

So if we are going by his word, both MS and Google stole their OS from Apple. To be fair, he has some valid points, but fails to realize that tech companies "steal" from each other all the time including Apple.

anono on

Where would Apple and the rest of us be today if Audio Highway or Diamond "owned" the idea of an MP3 player? If Microsoft "owned" the idea of a tablet computer? If Ericsson "owned" the idea of a touchscreen smartphone?

fpgeek on

This idea of stolen design makes no sense. Should patents on dropdowns be allowed, how how buttons, windows, hyperlinks, menus, etc, etc? Or how about cellphones itself?

linuxhansl on

Another argument in favor of ending software patents? Or should we just chalk this up to a volatile leader protecting his product?

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