Viral Video Week in Review (Oct. 22-28)

Robots were hot in the video-sphere this week

Welcome to the inaugural post of our viral video week in review. In this post, I hope to show you some tech- and geek-related videos that you may have missed during the week, because you were busy doing work or other productive things. Since it's Saturday, you have a lot of time to catch up on these, right?

Legoland CIS: Solving murders in Lego City: This one has it all, Legos, stop-motion animation and a killer pair of sunglasses (plus bad puns)

Holographic images you can touch: Looking at the Microsoft Research-inspired HoloDesk, which uses a Kinect camera and monitors to create virtual images that physical beings can "touch". Cool tech here.

The most entertaining 6 minutes about Daylight Saving Time: It turns out there's still a week left before we have to switch our clocks back, so to get a head start take a look at this entertaining video that shows why we do all of this clock forwarding and backwarding.

Human raises stakes in robot/Rubik's cube battle: There's hope for us humans, after all. Guy juggles two cubes while solving the third, one-handed no less. Yay humanity!

Siri gets the auto-tune treatment: We're still seeing a bunch of Siri-related videos now that people have the iPhone 4S in their hands, this one includes an auto-tuned ode to the computerized personal assistant:

When the robots take over, they'll be able to applaud: Continuing our theme of bizarre Japanese robots, at this tech show, Masato Takahashi showed off his hand-clapping robots. Making this weirder - he molded the arms and hands after his own limbs. Ewwww.

Lego robot clock tells you the time: It was a big week for robot videos - in this video, we showed off the Time Twister, a Lego Mindstorms digital clock that rotates its digits into a new number every minute (although it takes 15 seconds for the number to finally appear).

That's it for the week, see you on Monday!

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