Morning countdown: More Facebook scams you're too smart to fall for

Plus: Cutting the cord on rural phone subsidies

  1. Dan Tynan: Sexy bots fool many Facebookers [ITworld]
  2. FTC ends rural phone subsidies, will encourage broadband [ITworld]
  3. AOL strategy chief makes strategic choice to flee AOL [ITworld]
  4. ARM goes 64-bit [ITworld]
  5. Brian Proffitt: Bing-Firefox deal not a big deal [ITworld]
  6. Peter Smith: Nintendo's troubled finances [ITworld]
  7. Facebook users easily duped into compromising their accounts [ITworld]
  8. Netflix accounts for a third of U.S. peak time download traffic [ITworld]
  9. Copyright protection act gets new dumber name [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Fogarty: Bank phishers keep improving their techniques [ITworld]
  11. BONUS: It's not too late to enter to win an HTML5 tutorial! [ITworld]
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