iPhone 4S battery problems may be caused by location services

Credit: flickr/mac_ivan

Every new iPhone follows the same cycle: anticipation, acquisition, aggravation, acceptance. The iPhone 4S aggravation? High battery drain, or rather, short battery life.

Apple, as usual this early in the process (remember the antenna issues last time?) seems perplexed, and are reaching out to users. Many owners are figuring out what the problem is, at least for their situation. Most likely battery theft culprit: "Setting Time Zone."

Of course, the new dual-core processor, Siri's chattiness, and an overload of applications may be the problem as well. One mobile bandwidth expert told me it's not uncommon for iPhone users to have 300 apps, all of which update themselves constantly, transmitting and receiving as much as 100 megabits of bandwidth per day. All that updating has to be powered by something.

Tricks to try

This has been discussed in the Apple Support forums. To fix the issue, go to Settings > General > Location Services > System Services and disable “Setting Time Zone”.

powersfoss on forbes.com

My experience has been disabling WiFi when not in range of a WiFi network I use the phone on, has helped. It seems if there is no WiFi AP to talk to, and if 3G signal is low, the phone really heats up fast and drains the battery fast.

marilynj on cnet.com

I guess its time to kill all the apps running in the background, or leverage an app that does it for you :)

Giancarlo Maniaci on forbes.com

All is normal

Batterygate, here we go!

Br1c3 on guardian.co.uk

Fast drain of the battery in a low coverage area is common to all cell phones; it's caused by the phone continuing to attempt to link to the nearest tower.

slick312 on cnet.com

If you have a procesor that is twice as fast irs going to use more energy to make thise calculations. Hmmmmm……

joshakruschke on forbes.com

That's Apple

The simple solution is to carry a spare battery and insert it when required. Oh, hang on a mo...

CarbonFinderGeneral on guardian.co.uk

There are no 'known problems' with Apple products. They have never acknowledged any problem any Apple product has ever had. Every single one has been perfect according to Apple. Forget the PSU failures in the G4's, the thermal death of the Mac Cubes, the antenna design flaw in the iPhone 4, etc

fudbuster77 on cnet.com

Battery drains because of applications running in background. This issue has been around since long and possibly one of the reasons iPhones didn't allow multitasking.

globalsage on guardian.co.uk

Sometime soon we'll get a good article explaining how technology has outstripped the abilities of batteries to keep pace.

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