Morning countdown: Batterygate follows antennagate

Plus: Bitcoingate!

  1. Eric Bloom: Your tech skills have a half-life, part 2 [ITworld]
  2. HP's PC division may stay, but its PC guru quits [ITworld]
  3. Google moves Reader sharing to Plus, despite user revolt [ITworld]
  4. Rare earth metals get slightly less rare [ITworld]
  5. Zuckerberg wishes he had stayed in Boston, says Facebook wouldn't have worked if he stayed in Boston [ITworld]
  6. Kevin Fogarty: CAPTCHAs make it harder to prove you're human [ITworld]
  7. OS X trojan steals your processor power to mine bitcoins [ITworld]
  8. IT, you've got to live with Macs: Here's how [ITworld]
  9. Superstitions that will save your tech [ITworld]
  10. Chris Nerney: Does the iPhone 4S have a battery life problem? [ITworld]
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