Anonymous hackers threaten drug cartel, then retreat

Credit: REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

When a member of the hacker group Anonymous was kidnapped by a drug cartel, the hackers threatened to release information exposing members of Los Zetas. But the cartel has threatened more violence, and Anonymous is backing down.

One can't blame Anonymous members for retreating, since the Los Zetas have hung two blogger's bodies from a bridge and beheaded another in the past two months. While many journalists have been killed over the years, the blogger attacks are new. Now, the cartel has employed their own hackers to track members of the Anonymous group for retribution, causing the hackers to retreat. See the original (translated) Anonymous announcement on YouTube.

If the group did publish the names of cartel members and those on their payroll, such as police and government officials, few expect the justice system in strife-ridden areas of Mexico to step up. Most likely, rival cartels would target their competition for elimination. While many sympathize with the goals of the hackers, few commenters believe they can prevail.

Cheers for Anonymous

Annonymous = The good guys. Drug Cartels = The bad? guys. It's that simple.


Please stay focused on government corruption and corporate greed, Anon.

Namewithheld on

Anonymous has no boarders!!! Go Anonymous!!! Punish? the wicked by exposing who they are!!!

AVtheeEvangelist on

Not a fan

I'm not a fan of vigilantes in real life or on the internet.

Flying Squid on

even if? they release the information, the government will not do anything about it.

TheMisfitable on

This whole op was fishy from the get-go … The whole thing is just bizarre.

redthrowaway on


I hope everybody stays safe. Corruption can be very wicked.

Handy on

The real reason why they're not releasing it is because the civilians they were intending to expose aren't actually members of Los Zetas, and would just get killed by the cartel if they were to be exposed.

w1ntermute on

i say to hell with the cartels, let anonymous do their thing and let's see what happens

mcfuego on

It's difficult to wage an information war with gangsters. The ones who get to the top by killing and torturing are not likely to be threatened by having a few emails released.

forensic on

A cyberwar may be messy, but bullets are brutal. Time to vote: should technologists step in to do a job the police have been unable to perform? Yes/No, and explain your answer.

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