Nintendo Zelda video shows how much dads hate playing video games with their sons

Dad, this Zelda game looks great! Can I have a turn? No!

At first glance, this Nintendo-produced video showcasing the different "Legend of Zelda" video games that people have played through the years seems like a nostalgic look at a classic video game series. It's sweet - you see a kid playing on an early Nintendo system, then he's either a teen-ager or young slacker playing the next version, and so on.

Now he's a dad, and the video wants to tell you about the next version, for the Nintendo Wii, called Skyward Sword. So we get a clip of dad and junior playing the game, but look! Junior's just watching along while Dad has all the fun.

I can only imagine Junior going, "Dad? Let me have a turn?" and Dad yelling out, "Dang it, Jimmy! Your interrupting just cost me another health pellet! Go to your room!" Suddenly, this cheery video has taken a dark, dark turn.

I'm also reminded about my own experience with video games and kids. I grew up with the Atari system, played computer games after that, skipped the Nintendo but then fell in love again with the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and various Xbox systems. Now that I have kids of my own, I want them to play video games, but not at the expense of having to watch them play. Because right now, they're terrible at them. Of course, at some point they will get better, and then they'll get so much better that they'll start defeating me at the games, causing me to get even more bitter. The lesson here - don't play video games with your kids. It'll just end badly for either them or you.

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