Mission Impossible 4 trailer shows an explosion of IT tools

Tom Cruise and guns and other explosions too

You might not think that the release of the new trailer for the December movie "Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol" would be a good fit for this ITworld.TV blog (in case anyone really cares about stuff like that). But you'd be wrong!

There's tech all over the place in this! One of the team members, played by Simon Pegg (Scotty from the last Star Trek movie!), is using a computer to provide a satellite uplink. Tom Cruise's character is talking on a cell phone!

OK, there is some more futuristic stuff, like one of the agents using an in-car, gesture-based on-screen display, much like we saw in Iron Man 2 and Minority Report (also a Tom Cruise movie!). But in one of the main plot points (at least in the trailer), Pegg mentions to Cruise that they will need to break into the server room from the outside. Because as we all know, server rooms are very well protected and spy-proof:

Plus, explosions and guns and more explosions and stunts. Should be a good December, because the Sherlock Holmes sequel with Robert Downey, Jr., is also out, although there are no server rooms in that one (I think).

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