Microsoft tops list of best multinational workplaces

Redmond, several other tech companies, head Great Place to Work global list

I'm not above doing some Microsoft-bashing now and then -- call it a character flaw if you will -- but when Redmond earns an accolade, it's only fair that it be noted.

So let it be noted that Microsoft has been chosen as the best multinational workplace by Great Place to Work, a global research, consulting and training firm whose stated mission is to help organizations develop "high-trust workplace cultures."

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Several other tech firms made the list of Top 25 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces, but let's give Redmond its due first before mentioning the others. Here's Lisa Brummel, chief people officer at Microsoft, responding to the award in a statement:

"Microsoft is a great place to work not only because of what we do, but because of the quality of the company culture that our employees have collectively created."

A company culture in which alliteration apparently is highly valued!

What makes Microsoft's honor all the more impressive is that it topped a "best workplace" list despite the sweat-drenched antics and antagonistic boasts of a certain CEO whose name rhymes with "calmer."

So congrats, Microsoft.

According to Best Place to Work, the list was compiled from information gathered via surveys of more than 2.5 million employees, "representing a 10-million strong workforce, and workplace culture analytics from more than 5,500 companies."

Best Place to Work has been publishing national "Best Companies to Work For" lists since 1997, but this is the first list of global best workplaces. To qualify, companies must have appeared on at least five national Great Place to Work lists, have at least 5,000 employees worldwide, and at least 40 percent (or 5,000) of their global workforce must work outside of the company’s home country.

Other tech companies to make the list (along with their official rankings) are:

2. SAS

3. NetApp

4. Google

6. Cisco Systems

14. Intel

17. Telefónica (Spain)

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