Grand Theft Auto V: Trailer Trash or Treasure?

Looks like we're headed back for more L.A. adventures

Rockstar Games has released the first trailer for its Grand Theft Auto V video game, showing some of the scenes from the Los Angeles-based video game where you get to commit crimes, run away from cops and do other assorted bad things. Count me in, of course.

At first the trailer looks pretty tame - LA is a beautiful place with great weather, hot women and men, and people playing golf and hiking. But then it takes a turn for the worse, showing you the gritty underbelly in which your character will likely find himself for most of the game.

It's a pretty good trailer showing a lot of the nice cut scenes and other footage, but not much yet on gameplay. But with such an early trailer, I wouldn't expect the nitty gritty game stuff just yet.

What do you think? Trash or Treasure on this trailer?

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