Doctor Who Theme Song and other a capella multitrack videos

A timey wimey tribute to our favorite space/time traveler

One of the latest trends I'm seeing on Youtube is people creating multitrack videos while singing songs, either with intstruments or a capella. The latest one to cross my path is Dan Rider's version of the Doctor Who Theme Song, which doesn't even have lyrics, so Rider used a lot of phrases from the current run of the show to create his own.

As I said earlier, there's a whole bunch of these on the Internet, so if you are a good singer and you know how to produce a multitrack, just pick a geek- or pop-culture-related song and have at it - you'll generate hits in no time!

For example, here's one that a guy did of the Super Mario Bros. theme song:

The "Baby on Board" song from The Simpsons:

One of the earliest multi-track, a capella, "geek" videos I found was this one from 2008, an homage to John Williams' music in Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Close Encounters:

Just don't be like Pomplamoose (for some reason, I despise this "band", maybe because they did a holiday song commercial for Hyundai last Christmas that got played over and over and over and over - they also seem like hipsters to me). Anyway, in this one, they cover the Angry Birds theme song:

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