Did Nike create Back-to-the-Future sneakers?

New video teases something that's happening tonight

The folks over at Nice Kicks have posted that Nike has invited them to a special event later tonight, in which they speculate that they will reveal the Nike Air Mag shoes, which the company had preiously registered with the U.S. Patent Office. Along with other hints, there's now a video that reveals "Marty McFly's closet":

The sneakers, of course, were in the movie "Back to the Future II", in which Marty travels to the future and sees all these wonderful things, including self-lacing sneakers, a jacket that conforms to a perfect fit (along with auto-dry), and a hoverboard skateboard. The scene takes place in 2015, only 3+ short years away. Here's the scene in case you forgot about it:

It should be interesting to see what happens with Nike and these shoes - will these shoes appeal to 40-somethings who are nostalgic for that movie, or will they actually be good functional shoes? When Marty puts them on in the movie, his jeans go inside the sneakers, which was such an '80s thing. Maybe I'm not up-to-date on how kids are wearing sneakers these days, but I'm pretty sure it's not like that.

In the end, this would likely join the many other inventions that have been created from the world of science fiction, such as Star Trek's communicators becoming flip cell phones, or the iPad being created from devices like that in Star Trek, etc.

Update: Nike announced the new shoes, along with the following promo video. They will make only 1,500 of the shoes, auctioning them off on eBay with proceeds to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Update #2: Found another video promoting the sneakers - In this one, the NBA's Kevin Durant and Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader are in a sneaker store at the Lone Pine Mall (good to see that this mall still exists in 2011) when Doc Brown shows up looking for a pair. Good stuff.

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