HTC sues Apple with patents from Google

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As part of the Lawyer's Full Employment Act (only partly kidding), HTC has sued Apple for patent infringements, returning the favor of Apple's earlier lawsuits. But HTC got these patents from Google, who got them from Motorola, Palm, and OpenWave Systems.

Some have criticized Google in the past for not doing more to protect their Android operating system customers. This new suit, and the "weaponizing" of the Motorola patents among others, signals that Google has "lawyered up" and will do battle as needed to push Android and protect vendors. This aggressive stance comes now that Google is in the phone hardware business with the Motorola acquisition.

Unless you're an intellectual property lawyer, this suit and others like it will cost you money. Every dollar spend defending patents (that many believe shouldn't have been granted) is a dollar vendors have to charge their customers. So no matter how you feel about Apple and their lawsuits, and some people hate them, this is bad news for everyone.

Stupidity upon stupidity

the thing with the way the big companies play the games in the courts waving patents at each other, we the consumer and tech people all hate it because we all know that the result is the stifling of new creative technologies.

Anonymous Coward on
Iompreka on

These guys are not only shamelessly using HTC, they are opening a whole new can of worms. If companies can start licensing their patents for use in lawsuits then only the lawyers will win.

Hmmm on

If the Patent Wars of the early 21st century continue it can only end in Mutually Assured Distruction

Velv on

Sic'em, Google

GOOD FOR HTC …. kick the Big Bully CrApple where it hurts, the iPhony it ripped off from the LG Prada.

Webster Phreaky on

My first reaction to this headline was "good, screw em." even though I hate this patent nonsense.

therealciviczc on

It's nice to see HTC finally has some firepower of it's own to resist being trampled though. More power to the (Comparitively) little guy.

auburnman on

Apple pro and con

Apple’s going to put HTC out of business before the case gets heard in court.

lrd on

Apple has made far too many enemies far too quickly by initiating a war it is in no position to win. Both technologically and financially its competitors have it outgunned, out manned and out financed.

IanF on

Raise your hand if you think the patent system if completely fine the way it is. Anyone? You in the back? No? Oh well.

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