Intel working with Google to support Android on smartphones and tablets

Intel lost the mobile market to ARM processors, the choice for mobile operating systems. Various Intel efforts to increase mobile use of their Atom processor (the netbook CPU) have not succeeded. So now Intel is working directly with Google to power Android tablets and smartphones.

This does appear to be the death knell for MeeGo, Intel's mobile OS that prompted potential customers to say, "me go away," rather than use. And since MeeGo was fairly late to the party, as Intel is with their processors, few expected much Meego action.

On the other hand, as Google buys Motorola and partners with Intel, does this mean the search giant will be the phone giant soon? Or does this mean more fights between Apple, co-founder of ARM, the leading mobile processor, and Intel and Google?

Them's fightin' words

Note to Intel: Watch your back. Signed, Apple

Robin Huber on

I been waiting for intel to dominate mobile CPU's. This article mad me happy. Can't wait to see the apu wars begin!!

garage_man on

Pound for pound ARM chips have better power consumption. But they don't compete with Intel for the raw power.

roopman on

Great step forward for the industry

Consumers like you and me benefit from additional competition in the smartphone space. Phone makers like Apple benefit from additional competition in the building block space.

igxgrrl on

I have to wonder if Google will leverage their imminent Motorola purchase (once they receive regulatory approval) to bring this partnership to market. With the already successful combo of Android and ARM, I'd figure many manufacturers would be hesitant to change gears and go to an entirely new processor architecture. Motorola could be used as a vehicle by Google to show other manufacturers how Android would function on Intel processors.

WicketToby741 on

We might eventually see some decent tablet PC's after all.

a2951758 on

Changes everywhere

Apple can no longer rely on a company like Intel for strategic materials. Apple should go ahead and buy AMD. That way they control their own destiny, and won't get stabbed in the back.

ConradJoe on

Atom chips come in both single and dual-core. Dual core obviously draws more power and Intel is still behind ARM in the power/performance curve.

freemarket-2008 on

To me it says as much about Intel and Google aligning in future because Intel realizes the new world order---that in cloud based device computing, Google is better situated than Microsoft to excel. It is Intel saying it wants to align with Google going forward, designing devices from the ground up rather than backing Microsoft's so far nascent efforts in smartphones.

modelportfolio2003 on

Do you care what processor is in your smartphone or tablet? Or do you just need longer battery life and better performance?

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