Morning countdown: Windows 8 details come fast and furious

Is VMware a target?

  1. Tom Henderson: Windows 8's secret mission: Kill VMware [ITworld]
  2. RIM PlayBook eking out sales, sneaking up on Android [ITworld]
  3. Windows 8 features massive storage enhancements [ITworld]
  4. You can't be fired for whining on Facebook [ITworld]
  5. Peter Smith: Will Windows 8 really be awesome? [ITworld]
  6. Kevin Fogarty: ...or will it be smoke and mirrors? [ITworld]
  7. Intel wheedling its way into the smartphone market [ITworld]
  8. Google bought Motorola to keep Android patent lawsuits going [ITworld
  9. Twitter, blocked in China, to launch Chinese-language site anyway [ITworld]
  10. What secrets does Windows Server 8 hold? [ITworld]
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