Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death gets cutesy

Credit: Source: TechCrunch

News about BSOD changes first appeared in April, but the big info-dump of Windows 8 news by Microsoft on September 13 made it official: the Blue Screen of Death will change. It will be, as much as a failure notice can be, cute.

Not as cute as the Google Chrome "Oh, snap!" fail screen, perhaps, but cute. No Fail Whale or other animal (crash cow? License the Crash Bandicoot character?), just a basic frowny emoticon. And, helpfully, a notice the system will restart in 10...9...8 etc. seconds.

Does this strike you as big news? It is Microsoft and Windows 8, after all. And bloggers have to have something to bloviate over for the next year or so until Windows 8 actually ships. Added bonus: always fun to talk about Microsoft.


lol thats cute.

alukard on

Blue Face of Death!

SteveK on

If a new color is needed I vote for "lemon".

Agricol on

So nice that I want a BSOD

Daniel Rivero Horie on

Good for Microsoft

thats brilliant!

Craig Murdo on

Blue Screen Metro style! yeah!

aramishero on

I prefer the Pink Incident Summary Screen Of Familiar Fail !

guest on

Not new

A frowny is a defacto (Western) Internet standard indicating sadness or disappointment. In Japan you could possibly write ;_; You could also look upon it as a relation to Apple's "Sad Mac" that's been around for probably more than 20 years.

redcap on

Of course in the days of the Sad Mac, that was only upon a failed boot. When it crashed it showed a cartoony round bomb with a lit fuse on the end. Made people mad!

savoy truffle on

now at least they expose only the most useful information to the user ("you need to restart", "here's a thing you can search for to find more information") instead of crazy stuff like "beginning physical memory dump" and STOP codes.

vogonj on

Ever think there will be a day when the BSOD says, "Call 1-800-Microsoft for free tech support" or something similar?

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