DJ Roomba in the house! Music robot seen at DEMO Fall 2011

The OLogic AMP robot plays music and dances for your entertainment

Here at the DEMO Fall 2011 show, there's a lot of software companies, Web sites, plug-ins and other cloud-based services debuting. But in terms of hardware, you can't beat OLogic's AMP (Automated Music Personality), a two-wheeled, self-balancing robot that plays music through two hand speakers and a chest subwoofer. Users can control the AMP via a smartphone, and the $300 to $400 robot is expected to liven up parties some time in 2012 (hopefully, if the company can get some funding).

The robot immediately reminded me of the "DJ Roomba" created by Tom Haverford in the NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation". In a few episodes, he showed off his own invention, an iPod speaker/dock attached to an iRobot Roomba vacuum.

The company claims to have never heard of this, but I have my suspicions.

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