AT&T finally rolling out 4G in five areas

Rejoice, AT&T subscribers in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio: you will get real 4G (LTE) service starting Sunday, September 18. Sure, the rollout is a few months later than announced, and they've been claiming faster speeds in their marketing for years, but 5-12Mbps speeds are coming soon.

Yes, the cities are mostly in Texas, where AT&T is located. But AT&T CFO John Stephens promised another 10 locations would be upgraded by the end of 2011. How long before the rest of the country gets 4G speeds? Mumble mumble mumble, hey, 70 million people will be covered by the end of the year.

Few companies have been such a magnet of frustration as The Phone Company (see Lily Tomlin and James Coburn). Few companies have become so interwoven into the fabric of modern life. So opinions tend to get a bit emotional.

Phooey on AT&T

Seriously, it has gotten worse in the North East. Where is the damn iphone 5 so I can switch to verizon!?

MacInsider2 on

HAHAHAHAHA, 5 years since 3g has really been out and AT&T still has the crappiest coverage in that department. We'll have 6g before they have 4g everywhere

liquidflesh on

When AT&T is planning to have about only 15 LTE markets available by the end of this year; and Verizon has already more than doubled that with 38 LTE markets at the end of 2010, it shows me and others just how lame AT&T's efforts are in deploying their 4G LTE network.

macm37 on

so how many Iphone's will it take to crash it? I'm going with 2 lol.

Dennison on

Who's in charge?

Wow! Finally it comes.. But you know what the best thing would be? Introduce Unlimited Data plan for 4G LTE as they had in 3G earlier!!

aveda_kadavra87 on

Remember, it's the carrier's job to make sure you get either screwed or squeezed for every last penny you're willing to put up with.

bartfat on

new phones, the the "4g" phones are just 3.5g in disguise

ljheat10 on

So... this Sunday around 8 million people will have access to 4G LTE (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio). But none of AT&T users will be able to utilize it, as AT&T are holding off on launching LTE ready phones. Hum

droidcraig on

Who cares?

I am so glad not to be a cellular mobile internet user. With data caps a trap fees I will stick to WiFi. I didn't think I could do it. Getting rid of AT&T and Verizon from my life has been the best investment I have made.

clynx on

Does this announcement by AT&T thrill you? Or is just the first step in higher monthly fees?

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