RIM (Blackberry) withering away?

Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the groundbreaking BlackBerry a decade ago, made the wrong kind of news yesterday: "Profits plunge" and "Disappointing earnings" and "earnings plummet by more than half." Ouch. Add in an odd dual CEO team plus their moribund PlayBook tablet, and the vultures are circling.

Perhaps the original smartphone, or at least first one to get email, BlackBerry earned the name "crackberry" for their legion of addicted corporate users. But iPhones and Android phones and seemingly even tin cans with strings can now get email, so BlackBerry no longer causes such devotion.

They still have their fans, so there's hope. And bigger tablet vendors than RIM have failed to break the iPad spell ensnaring buyers. Will goodwill and innovation from a decade ago carry the day?

BlackBerry will prevail

What people are not looking at is most of this profit was made since the new Blackberry 7 phones were released in the last month and half. Of course everyone was waiting for the new devices with OS 7 to be released! Blackberry is going to be just fine!

Andy Kaufman on latimes.com

Actually you're waaaaay misinformed! A good portion of their customers are young people including teens who use blackberries because of their fast texting and BBM capabilities.

dangler69 on cnet.com

That said, they're still dominate the business and tween sectors so I don't see them going bust soon. It's just their touchscreen offerings are rubbish.

Patrician on guardian.co.uk

anyone notice the _40%_ increase in subscribers? I can tell you BBM is a rage in France, and BB in general has gone global. It used to be a USA/Canada/UK product. But, over the last 3 years BB is growing. The products also have diversified their demographic. Kids use the BBM in France because of the unlimited texting.

pixmotion on cnet.com

Uncrackable encryption, with no backdoor, could well be a major selling point. Although the drug dealer market is pretty small, the wannabee coolness factor would be huge. Esp for encrypted voice as well as text.

Dirk Bruere on guardian.co.uk

Making BlackBerry toast

The drain circling picks up speed for the stock and company. Buh-bye, say hello to Nokia on the way down, too.

The_happy_switcher on cnet.com

Calling themselves a #3 platform is an admission of defeat. They are a has-been...

Henry Hoser on money.cnn.com

To my shame, I have had at least 7 blackberry phones and there certainly won't be a #8. From resets to poor performance, I'm done. RIM,

glenvern64 on money.cnn.com

Management mistakes abound

RIM management must be replaced. This used to be an excellent company with strong product line. Shame on management!

xilonic on cnet.com

Clearly, the problem with RIM is that it doesn not have enough CEOs. RIM should consider adding a 3rd or even a 4th CEO.

Terry Tsai on latimes.com

Are teens you know grabbing up BlackBerries? If so, do you think that bodes will for future growth?

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