HTML5 tutorial for web developers

Win a free spot in an HTML5 Training for Web Developers class

Update: The contest is over! Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. Congrats to Carlos B. and Marla G. who were this month's winners!

HTML5 Training for Web Developers

ITworld has partnered with Webucator, a provider of customized, instructor-led training courses, to provide an exclusive opportunity to ITworld readers. From now until October 31, 2011, readers can enter a drawing for a chance to attend HTML5 Training for Web Developers.

In this HTML5 training class, you'll start by getting your hands dirty and jumping right into HTML5 code. You'll learn about the new HTML5 structural, semantic, and form tags, how to use Canvas to create drawings natively in the browser, how to work with HTML5 audio and video, the new methods for storing variables client-side, and how you build applications that work offline. Along the way, you'll learn about the current state of browser support for HTML5 and the theory behind all the changes that have been made.

If you are new to HTML, you should take the Introduction to HTML class first. Everything covered in that course is relevant to HTML5 and is prerequisite knowledge for this class.

Class Goals:

  • Learn how to start building HTML5 pages today.
  • Learn the major benefits of HTML5.
  • Understand the difference between HTML5 and HTML 4.
  • Become familiar with HTML5's new elements and attributes.
  • Learn to work with audio and video in HTML5.
  • Learn to work with HTML5's new Canvas element to create code-based drawings.
  • Learn to use Web Storage for offline applications.
  • Learn to use all the cool new HTML5 form elements.
  • Learn the current state of browser support for HTML5 and how to make your HTML5 sites degrade gracefully.
Enter here for a chance to win a seat in an upcoming HTML5 Training for Web Developers class.

Two winners will be picked on Monday, October 31, 2011.

About Webucator:

Webucator provides customized, instructor-led training courses across various technologies. See the full schedule of web design training and HTML5 training.

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