Grief for Al Gore after slipping iPhone 5 release date

Anyone here not know Apple will have a big meeting and announce iPhone 5 early next month, probably first week in October? Apple is big on secret-keeping, but Al Gore, former veep and Apple board member, during a speech in South Africa, said, "Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug."

People got excited for two reasons: verification of a terribly-kept secret, and the word "iPhones." Could that mean more than one model? Or could that be a contractions, as in "the iPhone IS coming out next month."

When the news is about Apple, folks get wound up tightly and quickly. And poor Al Gore gets slammed from various directions for saying what pretty much everyone already knows.

Internet inventor slams

Did Al Gore invent the iPhone? :)

Jeff Barrett on

Given Al Gore's tenuous hold on sanity, believing as he does that he invented the Internet and that the planet is almost ready to spontaneously combust, I don't put a lot of stock in his babbling.

hambdiscus on

The 20th century called (on a razr). They want their joke back.

Joseph Thoennes on

For the record: he didn't invent the Internet. He created the Internet, meaning that he was behind the legislation that moved the technology from military use and killed a bunch of nice data transfer monopolies in process.

LoudRambler on

Al Gore with an innability to shutup? Nooooo, it cannot be! This is very simply just Al being Al, he has never met a person that he didn't want to try and impress with his vast intellectual abilities! What a clueless fool this blowhard is!

RussInMaine on

Contractions exist slams

Is it possible he didn’t mean to pluralize? He could have just contractionalized “iPhone is” to “iPhones,” as in: “Not to mention the new iPhone is coming out next month.”

BJ Lutz on

Or maybe, just maybe, the plural was meant in that Apple is probably planning on selling more than one iPhone 5.

Mike Riverso on

Apple slams

I hope the new iPhone isn’t like this article; big build up but fizzes at the end

Robert Bucker on

is it still a slip up if it intentionally created all this traffic about the iphone release date??

doobster on

Will we ever see a day when mentioning Apple or iPhone in a story will be treated like all other news?

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