Gaming makes you smarter idea stupid, says new research

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Research on video games has become a growth industry, primarily because universities do this type of research, and student gamers are available. When some studies conclude game playing makes you smarter, the gaming community loves the research. But research saying earlier studies are flawed will likely get blasted with a BFG.

"Despite the hype, in reality, there is little solid evidence that games enhance cognition at all" says Walter Boot, an assistant professor at Florida State University in their Department of Psychology (Florida State News). Earlier studies recruited "expert gamers" to compare to non-gamers, drawing gamer participants who knew they were expected to test thinking skills. Besides, nothing in the research says gaming makes people smarter, because it may well be that smarter people become experts on involved, complex games.

Earlier studies that said gamers lack social skills and have a narrower range of human interaction? How do you think the players become experts? And yes, the gamers are vocal on this subject, as are the non-gamers.

New study is stupid

I call BS on this BS claim. I can say for myself that things like my situational awareness greatly increased when I started playing FPS games.

gnookergi on

Old people don't play video games, and tend to be 'learning challenged' in general.

Starcub on

Wait till cyborgs or hordes of zombies take over, then well see what these researchers think when they are trying to fend them off without our help.

Upgrade_1977 on

New study is right

If you were to tell me that playing mindless iPhone and Facebook games offers no intellectual benefits and simply rots your brain, I would be pretty quick to believe you.

tlm man on

No one is playing games to "enhance their cognitive skills". We'll keep playing until they prove that games kill you and possibly some time afterwards (some people still smoke don't they?).

Flunk on

Yes, apparently it's only that smart people play video games, not that learning things (new levels, new interfaces, new tactics, new strategies) makes us smarter.

robot_makes_music on

Both sides are nuts

gamers: do researchers actually have the time and get paid to study such trivialities?

Wild9 on

One study showed that readers of books by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter didn't get smarter from that reading. Now the news that playing Rapture: The Game isn't helping them either? Damn, what's this world coming to?

snakeInTheGrass on

Seriously, that was like some whiny brat that was crying that he was beaten at something and started crying about it.

VirgilCole on

Are you a serious gamer? Do you believe gaming helps your cognition skills? (Yes / No). Or are gamers anti-social nerds hiding from real life? (Yes / No).

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