VIA, Samsung ganging up on Apple in patent fight

Will patents fuel the next 100 Years War? Apple is blocking Samsung's Galaxy Tab, reviewed as the best non-iPad tablet, in the courts. Samsung promises to get more aggressive, and now chipmaker VIA Technologies is filing to block iPad and iPhone sales in the U.S. because of, yes, patent infringement.

A Samsung spokesperson promises more lawsuits against Apple for "free riding" on their inventions. In retaliation for Apple blocking their Galaxy Tab sales in many countries, Samsung promises legal action against Apple all over the world. And, yes, Samsung still makes many of the components Apple uses in their products like the iPad, to the tune of $7.8 billion this year.

VIA Technologies, a Taiwanese maker of chipsets, CPUs, and motherboards, also filed suit against Apple in the U.S. Claiming infringement of three patents, VIA asked the court to ban sales in the U.S. of both the iPad and iPhone. Note: VIA has already won a lawsuit against Apple, using patents held by S3.

Patent reform, please

Apple and Samsung are at least keeping the lawyers employed!

Robert Varipapa on

The people who this affects the most? You and I, the consumer, who have to suffer higher prices when a company goes to court.

sommer182 on

Thank god government doesn't work like a capitalist society, otherwise General Dynamics would be suing Northrop because their 500 pound bombs for the F-16 also will work in the B-2 without any special cross-licensed adapter hardware, and the Army would sue the Marines for wearing "similar" uniforms.

johnsmith9875 on

Stupid. Litigation only makes lawyers rich, and normally hardly makes any impact when companies are working so closely.

airnerd on

Cheering Apple

Kettle!!! My money's on Apple ... literally.

DougMcNerd on

Samsung may win a few rounds on various patents. Their history is the problem here, however. They can try to prove prior concept, but they've never released anything before Apple. That's not going to go well for them.

SDW2001 on

Jeering Apple

I hope VIA wins, forcing Apple to make the IPAD3 a Circular tablet made up of old style transistors and hand cranked for power.

johnsmith9875 on

At least Samsung products are made by Korean hands. Are Apple products made by American hands?

Thomas Huynh on

Introducing Apple's latest magical innovation. Sparking a new trend in the technology industry. iSue.

Menoetios on

The last line in any modern morality tale: ...And the lawyers walked away with all the money.

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