Andy Samberg opens Facebook's F8 Keynote

Here are the opening comments in case you weren't watching the live feed

Mixed reviews on the opening of the Facebook F8 keynote today, at least in my Twitter stream. Some people were annoyed that comedian Andy Samberg pretended to be Mark Zuckerberg to open the event, others seemed to like it. But thanks to the official Facebook YouTube channel, now you can decide for yourself:

In more important news, the company did launch Timeline, a new way of looking at your Facebook page and bringing up a lot of stuff from your life (at least your life after you joined Facebook). I guess you could also upload older photos and tag them with the year it happened, giving your friends (and marketers) access to events in your life. As one friend said to me, "I have to go out into the real world and do more interesting things in order to make my Timeline more appealing." Here's the touchy-feely video from Facebook on Timeline:

More stuff coming, I'm sure. What did you enjoy/dislike from the live stream if you caught it, or if you've read stories on the new Facebook?

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