Apple iPad to reign as top tablet through 2014

Analyst firm Gartner just downgraded their predictions for Android tablet success for the next three years. Result? Apple's iPad will be king of the tablet world through at least 2014. But can we trust that prediction?

Gartner's reasons for predicting Apple will maintain at least 50 percent of the market for the next few years include slowing Android growth and because Apple "delivers a superior and unified user experience across it's hardware, software, and services." Establishing the tablet market with iPad version one certainly doesn't hurt, and this Christmas it will be wall to wall iPads (75 percent or better).

Comments pro and con include some interesting views on this prediction. Gartner's prognostications are questioned, as are the legal troubles throttling some Android tablet sales. Join in.

King today, King tomorrow: iPad

What magic event is supposed to happen in 2014 that will lead to all those android sales? Is that when economies of smallness will kick in for android?

Blastdoor on

An important fator this article dos not mention is the brick and morter Apple Stores. A hands on experience, in a no-pressure environment, helps Apple get customers it otherwise would not. There are free workshops for consumers & business customers and it is an all around fun place to shop.

Rita Alvy-Teeter on

It's not the hardware, nor iOS, nor the app store; it's all of them, and the fact that the thing is just dead simple to use. "Open" and "flexible" are nice for geeks, much in the same way that most people don't want to work on their own cars.

Armando 123 on

Phooey on Gartner

These research group analyses are trash. I recommend that tech media readers ignore these findings. There are about ten different market research firms and they all are very good at botching their predictions.

Eideard on

Filing this article under the "No duh" label...

unbound55 on

Analysts by law are required to get everything wrong - or at least that's the way it seems from reading their past projections.

jragosta on

Awesome part is that companies like Gartner are actually earning money by predicting whatever they feel. It's like astrology and siprit medium business I guess: They just found gullible people to buy their stuff.I just wonder why the press and blogs report this. That's the part that bothers me.

kgersen on

Android will prevail eventually

The bitter legal battle resulting in possibly the best Android hardware not available to purchase.

Anonymous Coward on

Apple: 2 tablets, and one has no cameras. No slots, no hdmi, no mouse, nothing. Pay us $500. Android: Many tablets, can get any type, cheap, expensive, thin, functional, you decide how much you want to pay. HP touchpad? Android can go on it. Nook? Android can go on it. Android gives all devices a chance, when Apple tells you what to use. Go ahead, let corporations decide for you, they know best!

Kenji Castro on

I must have been mistaken in my belief that my ASUS EEE Pad Transformer was comparatively low priced, with an excellent user interface, loads of expansion potential and a perfectly acceptable number of very useful and entertaining applications that do everything I want. I'd better throw it away immediately and buy a iFad so I can have an expensive device, limited multitasking, no expansion, no keyboard and access to a massive number of applications, of which 5% are any good and which are available just the same on Android.

The Brave Sir Robin on

What's your over/under for iPad not being 50.1 percent or more of the market? 2014? 2015? Never?

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