Bing losing billions for Microsoft

Bing, the search engine from Microsoft trying hard to make a dent in Google's market share, launched in June 2009. Since then, the Bing division has cost Microsoft about $5.5 Billion in losses. Is 14.7 percent of the search market worth losing six and counting billion dollars?

Most of Bing's market share has come at the expense of Yahoo rather than Google. Must make those meetings with Yahoo execs who bought Bing as their search engine back end a bit tense.

To be fair, Bing is trying to do more interesting things with search than Yahoo, AOL, and even Google. Microsoft has also spent millions and millions on advertising for Bing. New business ventures take time to become profitable, especially when attacking the market leader head on. But buying enough market share to raise ad rates and become profitable may take several more years, with no guarantee of success.

Business as usual

Yes, it's sucking cash like crazy. But you know what? I'm glad to see a mega-company who knows how to look at a problem on something more than a quarter-by-quarter basis.

Don on

You do realize that if Google took that same BS mentality when Yahoo was #1, or Facebook when MySpace was #1, we'd have no Google or Facebook. I'd say things are not bleak for Microsoft in search. They have been taking Google on with fairly innovative features, and are forcing a degrading in Google's search market share.

Princeton Ferro on

Blog after blog and developer and developer continue to embed Google ads, and are thus themselves bound to Google and encouraging others to do so.

alttag on

Pull the plug

Bing = FAIL

US1776 on

This is an excellent detail to highlight each quarter because things are actually getting worse for them. They now own the distinction of losing more money than any other internet company in history. Staggering.

lilywhite on

I bet if you asked 100 people in the street who owned bing, less than 10 would say Microsoft.

dabeeeenster on

You're being generous. At least 98 of them would say, "What's Bing?". Almost certainly more.

mike-cardwell on

Habits die hard

i found this article using Googs!

drfuzzle on

So there's no money in reinventing the wheel? Go figure.

The Dude on

Microsoft was slow to embrace the web because it threatens their core products. So the web grew without them. Now they're saying, "oh, we're on the web, too!" But when people think of the web, they don't think of Microsoft. They missed the chance to make that association. And it's hard to get it back.

billybob on

How deep are Microsoft's pockets in regards to Bing? Will Microsoft ever throw in the towel on search? (Yes/No)

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