Morning countdown: Trouble in FarmVille, RIMVille

Plus: Maintaining Facebook privacy just got trickier

  1. Beth Bacheldor: Data centers to keep sucking up energy [ITworld]
  2. hacked, served up malware for hours [ITworld]
  3. VCs throw millions at profitless Tumblr [ITworld]
  4. Hapless Pittsburgh Pirates use computers to find willing ticket buyers [ITworld]
  5. Maintain your privacy in Facebook's frictionless future [ITworld]
  6. Groupon caught in downward spiral [ITworld]
  7. Amazon tablet on the horizon? [ITworld]
  8. iPhone 5 to launch on Apple's home turf [ITworld]
  9. Trouble in Farmville: Zynga profits down 95% [ITworld]
  10. Chris Nerney: RIM PlayBook on its way out [ITworld]
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