Google Drive: One cloud to connect them all

Long rumored, the "Gdrive" may be here soon. Google, already giving 7.63+GBs to all Gmail users, supposedly will soon offer a cloud storage service, based on what TechCrunch reported in the source code for Chromium, the open-source browser behind Chrome.

Few readers should be surprised, since Google has been giving cloud storage access to multiple devices in Gmail and Google Docs for years. But fans of Dropbox and other cloud storage vendors may be tempted to switch. This will no doubt give rise to more accusations of monopoly against Google.

DIY Dropbox alternatives

Since Google is pushing the web-book boundaries with Chromebook, cloud storage must be available to share files from Chromebook to other devices. And as more smartphones appear, cloud storage will be welcome on those platforms. Our guess? GDrive or Gdrive or Google Drive appears this holiday season, to spur sales of Android smartphones and Chromebooks.

Wonderful news

Who else read this headline & thought this was going to be about those self-driving cars?

Ian Mikutel on

We could see much better syncing for Android devices for one. It would be nice if you could have the same kind of syncing that Chrome has when you log-in with your Google account, but for Android. So you could sync everything from SMS messages, photos, videos, documents, and even apps. When you buy a new Android phone, you would just login with the Gmail account, and everything would be there.

nextparadigms on

EXCITED. I like the idea of being able to use just one account to get my email, social networking, docs, pictures, youtube, and now other files as well. Sounds very nice.

Brian Hanson on

About Dropbox

Add sharing files via G+ and it is dropbox 2.0!

Claudio Michaelis on

When I was in YC (same batch as Dropbox) this was a constant question. "What happens to Dropbox if Gdrive launches?" I don't actually remember what Drew and Arash thought, but a lot of people speculated on it. It was probably a real threat to them 4.5 years ago. I can't imagine it is now. Dropbox has a large, happy fanbase that's going to keep using it and keep spreading. They're going to keep growing.

mattmaroon on

Dropbox is great but just like everything other business in the world, Google must have a hand in it. I hope Dropbox can survive and still be a competitor in the cloud services market.

Ajay Kumar on

Dropbox's success isn't about hardware. The interface is the product.

dreamdu5t on


This may sound stupid, but just make a draft email, attach files, then save it, and get the files on the other end. I've done this for a while.

Michael A Robson on

Grive, huh? I guess Google didn’t check out Urban Dictionary before naming Google Drive.

Matthew Nowlin on

Google is not the best with marketing, I haven't heard of any friends using Google Deals instead of Groupon yet either.

ry0ohki on

Do you trust Google with more of your personal information and files? Are you paying now for cloud file storage? If so, will you go to Google if it's free?

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