Yahoo's foolproof new plan: 'Deeply personal digital experiences'

Company references periodic table to explain new, inexplicable mission

When your goal is to become the "world’s premiere digital media company," it's best to have a clear mission roadmap for your employees to follow.

And someday Yahoo just might have one.

Sadly, what the company has today, according to this Mashable blog post, is a whole lot of meaningless buzz-phrases meant to invoke its new strategy to "build deeply personal digital experiences."

No, not porn (though, as one of my ITworld colleagues quipped, "That actually would be a foolproof plan"). Rather, the company has devised a broad mission statement based on what it calls five "elements."

Those elements are Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Hype.

Kidding! The real elements are actually more bizarre, at least as presented in "periodic table" form by Yahoo VP Steve Douty in a recent presentation at Flickr headquarters in San Francisco.

Here they are, as reported by Mashable's Ben Parr:

- En: To engage and delight users.

- Be: To be where the customer goes.

- Si: To deliver personal meaning through science and data.

- So: To own real social relationships on the web.

- Ec: To build an ecosystem.

So there you have it. Yahoo's five ingredients for "world's premiere digital media company" success are beryllium (Be), silicon (Si) and three yet-to-be-discovered elements.

Sounds about right.

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