Michael Arrington goes from TechCrunch to Uncrunched

Credit: flickr/Kevin Krejci

The gimmick in soap operas is that the same people keep churning up the emotional waters. Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch who sold that property to AOL a year ago, churned plenty when he quit / got fired from AOL a few weeks ago. Now he's launched Uncrunched, so let the churning continue.

In what may be the most read into least number of words on a blog post, Arrington simply said, "HERE I AM" on the first post of Uncrunched. There are now 521 comments and counting. Founders who get ousted from their sold companies can be testy, and few people did testy like Arrington. But will he unleash the expected vitriol on AOL, who ousted him then gave him $10 million for his new $20 million venture fund? Or will he have 10 million reasons to hold his tongue?

The reason soap operas dominated daytime television for generations is the emotional connection they built with their viewers. Arrington has done the same thing. Will we stay connected to him for decades, or has Internet time changed all that?

Welcome back

just hoping that you’ll never adopt the same censorship of comments applied by your TechCrunch friends!

Gaetano Marano on uncrunched.com

Domain Creation Date: 26-sep-2008 - So Arrington has been planning this for 3 years now :-)

Kevin Roarke on techcrunch.com


YES. YES. YES! And back to da word press… Mike’s back with the unvarnished truth. Suck it, AOL.

Brett on uncrunched.com

at least AOL didn't lose $850M like they did on Bebo.

cmky3 on businessinsider.com

Just Arrington. No FB comments. I would have paid AolPo to get what I’m now getting for free.

Scott Yates on uncrunched.com

What? I thought every AOL employee must sign 5 year non-competing agreement! Epic failure of AOL continues!

Broad Castic on techcrunch.com

Tiresome already

we're talking about bloggers that no one cares about here working for companies that will never make money.

SD on businessinsider.com

Unpaid blogger? Like AOL didn’t hand you ummmm $40,000,000 about 6 moth ago. OMG – someone please UNPAY me like that!!

Really Unpaid!! on uncrunched.com

I like Arrington's posts as much as anyone else here and I think he'll be missed around here, but some of you fucking fanboys are nauseating.

Nirav Gorajia on techcrunch.com

who is so freaking bored that they actually care about arrington's stupid feud? am i supposed to care about this? is this something "valley insiders" care about? no no and no

junk science on businessinsider.com

Does this mean the technology business has matured to the point we care more about the people than the tools? Or do you consider people in the techbiz a distraction? (Mature / Distraction)

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