Liar, liar, says Larry Ellison about Autonomy pitch to Oracle

HP buying Autonomy for $10 or $11 billion bucks may be boring, but now that Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch has been called a liar by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the excitement quotient has jumped. British IT papers are going all tabloid about it.

Larry Ellison started this when he said he passed on Autonomy when they came by wearing a "For Sale" sign sandwich board. Why? Too much money. Many attribute this to Larry being Larry and slapping HP around a little more, since they dumped his buddy Mark Hurd. If HP overpaid for Autonomy after he passed, they're not as smart.

Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch, sometimes called the "British Bill Gates" by British papers, cried foul and said no such "let's talk business" meeting happened. Oops. Larry may be many things, but disorganized is not one of them. Out came the PowerPoint slides Mike used to try and convince Larry to pony up over $6 billion. Remind anyone else of third grade?

Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd

Why do people keep testing Oracle/Ellison? Larry Ellison may be a giant jerk, but he's a highly accurate, very well prepared jerk - and his entire organization is built that way. Invariably, when Oracle/Ellison make/s a public statement and some party wished to object with some hand-wavy blather, Ellison & co get proven right

Olusey1_S on

2 Minutes of LOL and gufaw! As a believer in kharma (in the metaphorical sense) I think that will come back and bite.Messrs. Hurd and Ellison.

CaptainZapp on

Hoenstly the pettiness of Oracle on anything even slightly relating to HP is quite unbeleivable - you have to think a lot of this comes from Hurd

Anonymous Coward on

I see it more as Mark Hurd's way of giving the HP board of directors a huge middle finger.

joezydeco on

Reread Art of War today

The powerpoints have been posted on Oracle's corporate site

Chris Whitman on

hmm- seems someone made a few edits to the slides at 05:11 this morning.

Anonymous Coward on

What about this? (not a joke) A) ridicule HP into dropping Autonomy bid B) because of A, the stock price of Autonomy crashes C) Oracle buys Autonomy D) Mike Lynch gets fired

toyg on

Mike Lynch

there are liars, and there are foolish, abject, provable liars. And, there are people who never lie. It appears that Mr. Lynch isn't in the third group, and qualifies as being in the second. If he keeps it up, the powerpoints could leak, one suspects.

Digital Iconoclast on

If only Mr. Lynch had just come out and said, "yes, we also went to Oracle to see if they might be interested". Then he would have had much less trouble =)

X-Istence on

Haha, how did he think Oracle was not going to call him on this stuff? Why not just say nothing when Larry Ellison said Autonomy was shopped to Oracle? It is standard Oracle. They are rough, but that doesn't make them wrong. Autonomy was overvalued for a takeover at $6 billion. At $11.7 billion, it should have been laughable.

Adam51 on

Do you regard this as a bit of respite from a busy day, or billionaires acting badly?

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