Chrome to step over Firefox to reach #2 browser share

Chrome logoflickr/KitFoxInk

Internet Explorer remains on top of the browser heap, thanks to being built into Windows. But the fight for number two will be over by the end of the year, and Chrome will stand atop Firefox for the first time.

Such is the news from StatCounter, the Irish company that says Chrome use has risen by 50 percent. Currently, IE holds about 42 percent of the market, compared to Firefox with about 27 percent, with Chrome moving up fast on the outside at almost 24 percent.

Amazingly, about 10 percent of users are still surfing with IE 6, a real security nightmare. Why? One reason is that some large companies programmed internally around IE6, and upgrading to a safer browser breaks too many internal applications. Let's hope something shakes those people into upgrading. Hey, guys, check out Chrome.


I can certainly see why. I have been using Chrome for a couple of years now, and I have always been pleased with its nimble performance. FF has always had issues with memory leaks and with the new rapid updates breaking the addons I can see why so many are switching.

Pat McGroin on

Chrome is the fastest where it really matters - javascript, and by a huge margin.

rorrr on

firefox really struggles to impress me these days. havent used it on the home laptop for a year

dale on

It is quite profound when you consider that Firefox has been mostly funded by Google via the search page revenue deal. If you take Firefox + Chrome and credit them both to Google (unfair in many respects, I know) - Google can claim "responsibility" for the majority of web browsing today.

zmmmmm on

Yeah, but...

Only because chrome is bundled with flash. Chrome doesn't have the most voluntary installs yet by far.

Ryan Nicholl on

I don't quite get it, I use IE and have since Netsacape went away.  It's always worked fine for me, FF is okay too but I feel it's clumsy compared to IE, Chrome I run into on some people's computers, I'm an IT Pro so I'm on a lot of different computers. 

tpcock on

The reason more people have Chrome on their computers is it’s ability to be “accidently” installed with other apps.. For example – do an update on Adobe Flash or Shockwave and what tries to install itself – unless you pay attention and untick it – Chrome. So a person who doesn’t really know any better finds themselves with Chrome and IE on their computer and usually ends up using Chrome.

RobbyM on

Less Google for me, thanks

Also Google scares me so i dont use chrome

maddogeco on

Doesn't it bother anybody that Chrome is made by ad company? The way I see it, if everybody started using ad blockers like I do, google would implode almost instantly. So how would they combat that? Control the platform for viewing the web and be positioned to kill ad blockers if it ever became a problem.

KevinMS on

What's the over/under for the data IE is no longer the leading browser? The Twelfth of Never?

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