Cute kids + Star Wars = Viral Video Magic

Kid reacts to Empire Strikes Back "secret" about Darth Vader

A viral video making the rounds today is of 4-year-old Faris, who was watching The Empire Strikes Back for the first time and having a great reaction to the scene where Luke finds out who Darth Vader really is (can we really say "Spoilers" here?). It's one of those moments that looks genuine, so of course everyone will end up sharing this video with friends, family and others in their social networks.

I wish I could have had this moment 30+ years ago when I saw the movie, but unfortunately I had heard about the secret before seeing the film, courtesy of filmgoers leaving the theater as we were in line waiting for it to happen (I may have also been tipped off via the film parodies in either 'Cracked' or 'Mad' magazine at the time). Anyway, others must have also had that experience, since it was portrayed in an episode of The Simpsons (sadly, no video clip because Fox is really good about keeping those clips off of YouTube).

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