Myspace reveals new strategy, sucks media oxygen from Apple event

Specific Media repositions slumping social media site as 'The Hulu of Music'

Somewhere on ITworld or another news site on Tuesday you may find a news item, perhaps a brief mention, of an announcement by Apple. Some phone thing or another.

Whatever, Apple, whatever. In the meantime, the big news out of the tech world -- and sure to dominate the information cycle for the rest of the week -- is the latest strategy change by Myspace.

Specific Media, the company that bought a box of Cracker Jack in late June and found a dying social media pioneer inside, decided this would be a good week to let the world -- or at least the New York advertising industry, which seems like the world if you're addicted to Mad Men -- know about its bold new plans for Myspace.

And those plans involve ... (drum roll please) ... Justin Timberlake! Let's hear it for Justin Timberlake, the new CEO of Myspace!

Oh, wait. Justin's not the new CEO. However, Specific Media says he's now an investor in Myspace. More importantly, at least to Big Apple Star Gazers, he was part of "The Future of Myspace Talk" given at a private reception for marketers Monday night during the Advertising Week conference in New York, according to All Things Digital.

(The event originally had been scheduled for 8 p.m., but was moved ahead to 5 p.m., probably after someone concluded that the original, late time slot was ill-advised. Flexibility pays in the conference biz, and smart scheduling pays even more.)

So what's Myspace's ingenious master plan to regain social media dominance?

Singing dogs!

Sorry, that was my suggestion for Myspace. And while it's still a damn good one, Specific Media is going in a slightly different direction.

From All Things Digital's Liz Gannes:

Specific is telling marketers that the new Myspace’s vision is “to become the #1 online community music destination,” and its mission is “to feed the energy of youth culture everywhere.”

Sadly, some of that youthful energy may be tempered in some parts of the culture, such as the Specific Media workplace, where 50 to 60 employees were laid off last week.

But all new marketing plans need a good hook, a catchphrase that captures the public's imagination. And Specific's hook is to call Myspace "The Walking Dead of Social Media Hulu of Music."

In your face, Apple! You only wish you had these marketing chops! Oh, and good luck with your little announcement today, whatever it is. You'd probably reach a wider audience if you would advertise on Myspace, maybe with a short video featuring (get ready for this) ... singing dogs!

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