iPhone 4S Parody Videos Are More Entertaining than iPhone 4S

Here's a collection of videos post-iPhone 4S launch

You know your product launch was not a success when a bunch of parody videos show up on YouTube a day later, and much of them are more entertaining than the original launch. Such is the case with yesterday's iPhone 4S launch, which sort of landed with a thud from analysts and others expecting to see an iPhone 5 or at least more from the #1 smartphone maker.

Here's a bunch of my favorite videos that mention the iPhone 4S. First up is Jimmy Kimmel, who commented about the hype of an Apple event, and wondered what a launch would look like for the original phone (I had this idea once for a Network World video, but didn't have the budget that Kimmel has):

Speaking of Kimmel, here's a bit that shows Guillermo talking about the iPhone 5 (a bit premature, they did this before the announcement):

If you had to sit through the liveblogging event on Tuesday, you would have noticed that two hours of your life were gone by the time they were done. Here's a video that shows all of the "news" from the event, whittled down to 90 seconds:

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