Breakfast links: I stole the identity of the sheriff

Also: Elementary school children present at their first hacker conference

sheriff_290x218.jpgSource: Nicola since 1972/Flickr

•Aw, isn't that cute? DefCon has a whole section of its conference set aside for kids! One 10-year-old scamp, known only as "CyFi," got bored while playing farm games on her cell phone, and discovered that if she advanced her phone's clock manually she could do all sorts of crazy things. [BBC]

•CyFi's classmates, who spend all their time playing on Facebook, will end up depressed with bad grades. (What would the results of this study be if it focused on adults? Probably the same!) [Time]

LulzSec and Anonymous have released another bunch of personal info about cops, something that's getting kind of dull at this point. They got their latest haul at an "online sheriff's store," which is a thing that exists, apparently? [El Reg]

•The Web turned 20 this past weekend! Did you send a card? [Wired]

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