Google goes all Facebook-y with Google+ Games

Credit: flickr/mseckington

Google+ is either growing because it's business oriented, unlike Facebook, or it's failing because there's no entertainment. People line up on both sides of this argument. Evidently, Google honchos figured the lack of games was holding back Google+, so they're fixing that problem with Google+ Games.

Hiding under a discreet (supposedly) button, the Games page will be somewhat separate from Google+ and be easy to keep out of the way during the work day. Some analysts believe this is wonderful, because gaming with people in your network increases personal connections and lets you be part of a team. Or wastes large parts of your day, according to other analysts. And playing games on Google+, just like on Facebook, means you give other apps access to your information.

Fingers crossed that Google+ Games won't fill my screen with pleas for cows or Cosa Nostra help. If Circles work, and I never see single mention of a game, I'll be much happier. Some commenters agree with me, and some don't, just like usual.

Why did they ruin Google+?


billywinslow on

Yeah, because the world needs another way to waste time.

Lucky on

This will be messy. Argh. I want a brilliant social network w/o the games.

Matt Dans on

Google+ Games: Winner!

I'm thinking it would just be great to actually try out the

Carl Roach on

Sounds like a pretty good plan to me dude. Wow.

VakNee on

Facebook fail in progress

Looks like Facebook may be in trouble soon. Especially with all the negative stuff coming out about them storing user data and so on.. Good for Google +.It is time for something new

Internet business on

Just checked, 287 people added me to at least one of their circles yesterday. I am providing and receiving up to date news about relevant industries and topics of interest without the distraction of Mafia Wars, dancing kitties and all that other stuff that seems to be popular in trailer parks.

Kevin Brown on

As long as the games don't auto-advertise to everyone like they do on facebook...

unbound55 on

switched to google+. checking facebook only once a week.

boby_k on

Fess up: do you play Facebook or other games during the work day?

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