Video cam lets you see life as a 2-year-old

Camcorders getting better, allowing for more point-of-view videos

With new cameras like the GoPro getting better video quality, we're starting to see videos that offer a different point-of-view than before, or at least in better quality. Such is the case in this video, where we get to see what it's like for a two-year-old as they go to the park/playground for a visit. If you can handle the jerkiness of the camera (I guess two-year-olds don't know about image stabilization yet), it's a cool video.

Last month, YouTuber joshmaready got a lot of hits with a video of his GoPro camera on the bottom of his skateboard as he went around New York:

What other point-of-view videos should people create now that the cameras are offering better quality and lower prices?

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