Sneak peek at Harry Potter Studio Tour

Warner Bros. to open up studio for Harry Potter walking tours

I'm insanely jealous of the British these days, for two reasons: Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Not only do these properties "belong" to the Brits, but there are two very cool exhibits/tours that people can take over there. Someone check on prices of air flights!

The Harry Potter Leavesden Studio Tour will open in Spring 2012, and will include visits to a bunch of different sets as well as seeing costumes and props. Here's a sneak peek:

The Brits already have the Doctor Who Experience, which features a "multi-sensory experience" adventure through time and space and lets visitors see props and sets from the British TV show. Heck, you even get to fly the TARDIS!

And to think that we here in the States only have Disney World...

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