Your morning countdown: Spammers getting smarter

Plus: MS cloud troubles; Will Googorola become T-Mobigoogorola?

  1. Weather report: Microsoft cloud services patchy yesterday [ITw]
  2. Dell shares drop like a rock [ITw]
  3. Original thinking: Windows 8 to have an app store [BI]
  4. Beth Bacheldor: Is the 'data center in a box' the future? [ITw]
  5. Nokia hopes customers will flee Googorola for Microkia [ITw]
  6. SHOCKER: Corporate merger to result in higher prices for consumers [ITw]
  7. Will Google scoop up T-Mobile? [eWeek]
  8. Nobody wants sad TouchPads [ITw]
  9. Chris Nerney: Thousands of Koreans sue Apple [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Fogarty: Spammers getting smarter [ITw]
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