Catching up on geek video

Stop-motion fun and a 24-hour baguette vending machine

I went on vacation last week, so in addition to coming back to 1,000-plus emails, I also had to wade through a bunch of videos that you may have already seen on other sites. But in case you hadn't, here's a bunch of my favorites while I was away trying not to get sunburned:

Insert Coin: Very cool stop-motion animation film with an 8-bit soundtrack celebrating the world of classic video games, all made with coins. Makes me miss the Gold Mine arcade in Clifton Park, NY.

Pinball Number 12 Reanimated: Another stop-motion video, this time the video makers recreated the Pinball Number 12 animation from Sesame Street (I remember this a lot from my childhood).

Mark Zuckerberg in 2005: As Facebook gets more and more popular, we start reminiscing about the early days when it wasn't as popular or big as it is now. Well, maybe not everyone, but this video from 2005 shows Mark Zuckerberg in the "early days" of 2005:

Baguette vending machine: Watching this video makes me want to move to France, or at least eat a baguette from a 24-hour vending machine:

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