Hey HP, Best Buy would like to have a word with you about all those TouchPads

Now that HP is shutting down WebOS, what happens to the 250,000 TouchPads sitting in Best Buy stores?

Just one day ago we heard that Best Buy was somewhat disappointed over the anemic sales of HP's TouchPad tablet.

Of the 270,000 TouchPads shipped to Best Buy, the electronics retailer has been able to sell only 25,000 -- and that figure might not reflect customer returns of the WebOS-powered device.

Best Buy really would like HP to take back its dust-collectors, All Things Digital reported, but HP has been urging the retailer to be patient.

Now that HP announced Thursday that it is killing off all WebOS devices -- tablets and smartphones -- because they "have not met internal milestones and financial targets," I wonder what the soon-to-be ex-computer maker is urging Best Buy to do now.

Can HP just stick Best Buy with TouchPads that the retailer can't even give away? It wouldn't seem fair. On the other hand, it's not likely HP is obligated to take them back and refund Best Buy, or any other retailers, unless their contract contained some kind of language requiring that in the event of a product discontinuation.

If any reader knows what happens in these kinds of situations, fill the rest of us in. But I suspect Best Buy is going to take the bullet here.

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