Funniest hack of the summer: bake al-Queda cupcakes in your mom's kitchen

Accompanies by the summer's most ironically resentful Tweet

This spring, according to a June story I completely missed, British intelligence agencies hacked the site of an English-language magazine being published by al-Quaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and replaced the 67-page color magazine that featured step-by-step instructions on building a pipe bomb from ingredients found "in the Kitchen of your Mom" with recipes for cupcakes.

The cupcake intelligence wasn't simply pasted into place, however. It was inserted encrypted code aspiring bomb-makers had to crack before they could access formation from “The Best Cupcakes in America,” published by the Ellen DeGeneres talk show.

According to the U.K newspaper The Guardian, the attack plan was originated in the Pentagon, but killed by the CIA, which thought it might reveal its sources of information (although it's not clear if the sources had information on al-Queda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Ellen show, or cupcakes).

I would still be ignorant of the whole thing (and would probably miss the image of mad-eyed,wild-bearded men in tunics running down the street, attacking a crowd with thrown cupcakes) if not for the resentment of at least one member of Anonymous that MI-6 is praised for humorous hacks, while members of Anonymous get tracked down and locked up for it:

@YourAnonNews Anonymous

Mi6 Hacks Al-Qaeda Website, Attacks It With Cupcakes: // Why the **** is it okay for them to hack????

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