Your morning countdown: Google just spent a lot on ... patents

Plus: Pentagon dithers; RIM begs developers to stay

  1. 'Skinemax' sneaks smut onto the iPad [ITw]
  2. Beth Bacheldor: Death comes from the sky for your data center [ITw]
  3. America: Nation of smartphone addicts [MSNBC]
  4. RIM developer guru: Don't give up on BlackBerry [ITw]
  5. Brian Proffitt: Android violating GPL? Not so fast! [ITw]
  6. Crooks covet US, UK zombie PCs [ITw]
  7. Kevin Fogarty: Pentagon dithering while losing cyberwar [ITw]
  8. No thanks, IT: Kids today will fix their own computers [ITw]
  9. Firefox 6 arrives early PCW]
  10. Chris Nerney: Google-Motorola really all about patents [ITw]
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