How to unlock your Windows Phone 7

Tips to unlock your Windows Phone 7 device

Owners of Windows Phone 7 devices are like owners of any other device. Many want to muck around their phones and find a way to unlock them. Here are some tips about how you can accomplish that.

1. Become a registered developer. Developers are allowed to unlock their phones.

2. Become a student if you aren't one already. You can unlock your phone for free if you have an email address that ends in .edu.

3. Obtain the Chevron utility when it is released. Keep your eyes peeled on Google for a utility called Chevron. When it's released you should be able to unlock your phone for free.

Windows Phone 7 owners have a number of options available to them to unlock their phones. Hopefully one of these will work well for you.


Five tips for unlocking your Windows Phone 7 device | Tech Republic

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