Amazon's Jeff Bezos applies for cell phone airbag patent

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Everyone drops things, and feels really really stupid after doing so. But not everyone has a bazillion bucks and lawyers to turn their "oh crap, I dropped my phone" moment into a patent application. Everyone doesn't, but Jeff Bezos, also known as Mr. Amazon, does, and he did. The patent application was submitted in February last year, but the Web just got hold of the information last week.

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Yes, your phone may someday monitor itself, and when you drop it (or throw it, I suppose), tiny airbags will pop out of the back. What happens if it doesn't fall on it's back? Hmm. Springs are also an option, popping out to cushion the landing shock. Of course, if this became reality and the springs worked, kids would just start dribbling their phones all day long.

Great idea

Airbags would float. I know of more phones and players lost to drowning than floors and sidewalks.

Internet2k4 on

To some, the mini-airbag might sound outlandish or maybe a joke. But imaginative people see possibilities. And where a visionary such as Bezos imagines solving problems like protecting costly damage to mobile devices merely my introducing miniaturization of a proved safety method, I tend to be open-minded and welcome this smart new development.

Glenn Alexander on

Thats what's wrong with the USA patent system. An "idea" can be patentented.. not an implementation.. no prototype required. Ridiculous.

pedromorgan on


hate to troll but this is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever seen.

12345 on

Not to bring up the topic of patents, but here's a perfectly good example of a bad patent. He probably can't even prove it will work and yet he hopes to get a patent for it.

jmattioni on

So now you have a phone, which is fat enough, and large enough to contain the airbag. You drop the phone. The airbag pops out all around the rim (shooting rim bits all over the place?) and sending the phone off on a new trajectory. Maybe it even lands safe. Now you have a deflating, used phone airbag, a hollowed out rim of your phone where the bag was, and a phone which (though technically usable) is now all edges and openings, with a bag sticking out, and you need to take it to have the airbag replaced.

Evildave on

Too funny

Are you pleased to see me or has your mobile phone airbag just gone off

zerocooled on

Could they also get it to call OnStar to say it was OK?


And this guy is a CEO? Something tells me I should be driving his porsche


I have had an airbag on my phone for years...... The wife!!!

zerocooled on

Which happens first: Bezos' patent idea becomes a product, or Bezos applies for food stamps?

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