Your morning countdown: Google follows America into debt downgrade

Also: Patent war escalates on all fronts

  1. Londoners get 4-year-terms for inciting riots via Facebook [ITw]
  2. Kevin Fogarty: Code for hot new malware available to all [ITw]
  3. Mobile patent melee escalates: Now HTC's suing Apple [ITw]
  4. Galaxy Tabs now selling legally in Europe (outside Germany) [ITw]
  5. PS Vita hops on social networking bandwagon [DigitalTrends]
  6. Fired employee logs in from McDonald's, wreaks havoc [ITw]
  7. Chris Nerney: First America, now Google: S&P issues another downgrade [ITw]
  8. Peter Smith: Don't tell Mike Arrington, but JooJoo's back [ITw]
  9. Dan Tynan: Airbnb 'fixes' identity problem [ITw]
  10. Mainstream press starts noticing the patent war [NYT]
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