Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet hits market during HP TouchPad fire sale

Credit: Source: REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Lenovo, the Chinese company that bought up IBM's PC and laptop business, just released a new tablet with a twist: built for work, with some entertainment included. Pointedly, they mention support for Flash, a slap at iPad which refuses to do so. They also accommodate business tech departments with support for Cisco VPN software, remote administration tools, and full device encryption.

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Unfortunately, they're hitting the market just as HP's TouchPad, a dismal failure at $400 and up, is burning up the sales charts at $99 and $149. Lenovo's tablets are priced at or just below Apple's iPad, so they're $499 and up. No matter how good the tablet, Lenovo faces a tough fight against iPad on the high side and TouchPad, with somewhat similar specs, in the bargain basement.

So does Lenovo have a chance with the TouchPad hoopla still in full swing? Or will it get killed in the market by iPad, like every other tablet competitor so far?

Can't beat the iPad

They don't get. You can't compete with the Ipad at the same price.

Illusive Man on endgadget.com

Why do companies keep doing this? Do they just think to themselves, "Well, the iPad sells for $500 so we should do the same," without realizing that no matter how good THEY think their product is, the majority of the public views it as something inferior.

Zaven Mnatzakanian on endgadget.com

Yet another Tablet that just won't SELL!!! Few people care! Unless it's going to be quite a bit cheaper then a iPad, people will just continue to buy the iPad.

JBDragon on endgadget.com

When will all these stupid companies realize they can't command those prices. Sorry, as much as I personally dislike Apple, the fact is only they can command these prices. They ARE the bar for which the majority compare to.

PSYPHER 69 on endgadget.com

Bad timing

And this one won't sell like hotcakes until it is reduced to 100 in a firesale.

n900mixalot on slashgear.com

Hmmm it seems like HP destroyed the price of tablets, and no one is going accept paying more than $200 fro a tablets unless they are an apple worshiper :P

Antonio Acquaah on endgadget.com

You could have got 5 HP TouchPads for that price.  :)

Adam Lein on endgadget.com

Looks like they still haven't got the price points down. First manufacturer to offer a decent 10" tablet under $200 won't be able to keep them in stock.

CannibalCat on pcworld.com

Too little, too late. HP my have single handly destroyed the Tablet Market outside of the iPad with the prices they has thhis weekend. People are not going to look at $500 tablets the same again

ghodzilla5150 on endgadget.com

Pretty good chance of success

Yes it's not cheap and yes this tablet is being marketed to the public as well as businesses however for companies who will buy such a tablet the price is a steal compared to the x220 tablet laptops, they will replace, also the the amount of applications and enterprise features make it worth the price of admission

aggripa on pcworld.com

Now THIS looks more like I've been wanting, for WORK and some play, instead of the other way round. I too look forward to seeing more on the pen.

Roger Jones on gottabemobile.com

Be honest: is your first reaction at seeing a new tablet "why fight iPad?" Or do you cheer for an iPad alternative?

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