Oracle (not that one) addresses DC Comics reboot

Hint: She's not happy about having to become 'Batgirl' again

By now, most comic book geeks (guilty as charged) know that DC Comics is planning a September reboot of all its titles - 52 new titles will debut with #1 issues during the month, and a lot of older titles have been cancelled. The "reboots" include a lot of new characters and teams and situations that a lot of old-time comics fans are finding disheartening, considering the lack of continuity and stories that they grew up with (for example, Superman apparently will be wearing blue jeans as part of his costume, and his marriage to Lois Lane will vanish).

One of the new storylines involves one of my favorite characters, Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle. In this video, she responds to the looming reboot:

Oracle was one of the greatest characters created in the '80s and '90s - Barbara was Batgirl, but in the classic "The Killing Joke" storyline, the Joker ended up paralyzing Barbara with a bullet. This became part of the canon, and Barbara used her librarian and computer skills to become the mysterious Oracle, who used the Internet and other technology to help Batman and other Gotham-centric heroes in their superhero pursuits. She also led the Birds of Prey team of Black Canary, Huntress and other female heroes in a great series written by Gail Simone. Seeing someone with mad computer skills was a plus in the comics, showing readers that you didn't need to be buff and wear spandex to fight crime - in addition, the fact they kept her paralyzed all these years (there were random stories about Gordon getting the ability to walk again, but they always put her back in the wheelchair) was a testament to keeping continuity going.

Simone is writing the new series, which offers some hope, but in the end I'm sad that they've done this to such a great character.

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